Leise Trommeln, der Blog!

Hello Drummers, welcome to our blog about how to play drums low volume. Everybody can play loud, but we all know these situations when we have to play low volume, don’t we?!

This does not have to be awkward, you can actually enjoy playing less loud, and improve your stage sound while doing so. This is all a matter of good choices and skills:

– the right instrument. Believe it or not, but certainly there are loud drums. Wanna play less loud, start with less loud drums and cymbals. We cover what you need to know to make a good choice.

– the right tools. There are plenty of options for drum sticks, we will show you the options and what works best. Also, there are drum heads that work great, and some don’t. We gonna have it covered.

– of course, the right approach. Bashing might not be the right way to play low volume. We will talk about technics to lay relaxed, keep a good time while having perfect control over your volume and sound.

– tuning. When you sound good, you can get away with playing louder, actually… But also, a well tuned drum kit will swing in quickly and let you have a great sound even when just breathed on. Learn how.

– room improvements. You play the same room every (sun-)day? There are things you can do, and some you should not, to improve sound and volume!

– muffling. Oh, that is a short sermon: simply don’t. It’s bad. Learn why.

…and everything else we can think of make playing drums more enjoyable for both the drummer and the audience, even in the most difficult situations. Many drummers contributing here are worship drummers, playing in different churches every week. Some play Jazz in the tiniest clubs, all our drummers have one thing in common: they want to sound as good as possible, because they cannot rely on sound engineers to „make“ their drum sound. So here is how we do it.

When you have something to contribute, let us hear from you!

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