How quiet can you play?

The goal of drum manufacturer Adoro Drums was and is to build high end drum set that work well in an all acoustic setting, sounding full and warm even when played low volume. This does not end with shells and drum heads, now they focus on yet another factor: the drum sticks.

As much as drummers love to bash – there just happen to be situations, where the drums cannot be quiet enough: singer-songwriter at a living room concert, background music in a bar, supporting a choir in a church, just to mention a few.

It might not be suitable for everybody to get a dedicated drum and cymbal set for such situations, so the drum sticks – of course together with adjusting your  velocity when playing – is the most common starting point. As addition to lighter sticks, rods, brushes, Adoro now offerts the Silent Sticks.

Made of transparent polycarbonate, anti-slip rubber X- grips and our Dual-Twist Reflex Tips®, Silent Sticks are ideal for lower-volume playing.

The Silent Stick is very flexible, in combination with the reflex tip, absorbs a majority of the energy instead of passing it on to the drum head. You can really mehrere silent sticksplay extremely low volume with these sticks, with a bit thinner sound than you get from a wood stick, which can be seen as advantage regarding reduced and perceived volume.

The cymbals keep their brilliance, and the stick shoulder produces a quiet but distinct ride bell sond. When playing with more velocity – the Silent Sticks are capeable to play rimshots with – they still are considerably less loud than their wooden siblings. It takes some time to get used to the 12mm thin sticks. But the only 25gram and 42cm are so well ballanced, they still rather feel like a drum stick thans a chopstick in your hands.

How you finally manage to adjust your volume to every situation is your own job. With the Silent Stick Adoro certanly adds a great option you should consider trying out!


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Author: Christian Svenson (translated)

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