Heritage- eye opening

Adoro Heritage in test:


Listen up! Drum specialist Adoro is giving its Heritage drumheads a new edition. The “2.0s” are said to be even more powerful, durable and tuning stable – thanks to the unique, patented fiber material. Does that sound like even more musical magic made in Hamburg? A question that is not only on the minds of professionals. This test provides answers.


It’s All In The Heads
Adoro is different. A glance at the advertising materials with which the custom manufacturer from the far north presents its product range is enough to show this. It ranges from whisper-quiet sticks and hand-picked shell sets to skins that can hardly be overlooked. First and foremost: the Heritage series. With their grain and coloring, the drumheads are not only visually reminiscent of natural calfskin drumheads. As a drummer with partly classical training, I can confirm this: In terms of sound, the Heritages also come amazingly close to their animal counterparts. This is thanks to the patent-pending fiber material from the Hamburg-based company. What exactly is processed in it, of course, remains a well-kept secret. But one thing is certain: the new edition of the “heirlooms” cannot be overlooked or ignored. So “not usual” as a statement not only adorns Adoro’s current product catalog.

Warm, warmer, Heritage
What would a drumhead be if it only got a fraction of the performance out of the frame? That’s what the specialist for soft sounds thought. Adoro’s Heritage heads come up trumps with a bouquet of promising properties. Their warmth, for example, is completely natural: they quickly conjure up plenty of volume even in small rooms. Unsurprisingly, as Adoro itself recommends its heirlooms for unamplified gigs, living room concerts and studio recordings in particular. In addition, the Hamburg-based company’s products have been established for many years in sometimes demanding environments such as churches or theaters.

This also gives an idea of who these single-ply drumheads are aimed at: Discerning fans of a cozy, warm sound will get their money’s worth with them. Anyone who appreciates a sensitive response and subtle nuances from ppp to ff will quickly fall in love with the Ambassador series. The Heritages are also equipped with an uncoated, roughened surface for playing brushes.

The Heritages impress with their versatile tunability. Whether high or low: once tuned, the desired tone is maintained for a reliably long period of time. This also means that the conditions of a location are no longer a headache. As standard, the basic tone of the Heritages is almost a third lower than that of other single-ply skins. This makes them an excellent choice for drums with an integrated tuning system. If you wish, you can also do without a microphone due to the tonal richness.

Despite being mass-produced, the Heritage is not an off-the-peg model. This is evident in their appearance, but also in their sound character. Incidentally, my personal highlight in the test was the sound of the 16″ standing tom head. I liked the warmth as well as the defined response in all dynamics. This combination prevailed with all the heads I tested. Its full-bodied character is reminiscent of the first coffee of the day – optimum strength included.

What should also be of interest to many: Adoro offers its drumheads in calfskin look in all standard sizes. On the other hand, the Hamburg-based company produces special sizes for an additional charge, for example for the Dresden drum. This should not only appeal to vintage fans. This is also to be expected in the classic sector. After all, the Heritages deliver what they promise: less attack with a boiler of warmth.

Beastly good drumheads – for the quiet tone
There are many good drumheads. Those who want an unusual look, on the other hand, have to search longer. With Adoro, this search can be pleasantly shortened. The newly launched Heritages remain a show: With their fine surface texture, they exude the elegance of delicate natural skins. At the same time, the single-layered skins are also slightly translucent thanks to this structure. This slight transparency is immediately noticeable. The transparent coating on the back gives the skins their warm basic character. The overtones are naturally reduced due to the design, while the disadvantages of conventional coatings are eliminated.

Another convincing feature is that the Heritages can be easily customized: Stickers and imprints can be attached in no time at all. If they need to be replaced over time, this is also no problem. If necessary, they can be removed in one go without leaving any residue. The Heritage skins are therefore designed for long-term use. This is also reflected in their durability.

The aim of the new edition was to achieve maximum longevity with optimum tunability without sacrificing the warm sound. If you want these characteristics, you should definitely play the Adoro Heritage skins yourself. Natural sound characteristics can be expected here. The sound adapts to its surroundings like a second skin. And of course: the unique calfskin look is also pleasing to the eye.

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